Saturday, September 3, 2016

Freedom Check - August 2016 (Who Doesn't Love August?)

At the end/beginning of every month, I will update the status of my freedom fund as a way to stay accountable to you and myself. Assuming everything else remains constant, the freedom fund is based on the number of months that I am able to sustain myself without income.

Freedom Check - August 2016

Income = 100%

Accommodation: 15%
Food: 15%
Transportation: 1%
Household: 0%
Entertainment: 0%
Cell Phone: 2%
Travel: 0%
Income Tax: 7%
Personal: 0%
Shopping: 1%
Family: 3%
Others: 3%

Contribution to Freedom Fund = 53%

Average Savings Rate (2016) = 45%

Value of freedom: 29 months


It's a safe bet to assume that every dividend investor would love August as most dividend aristocrats would have declared their dividends in August. 

Due to a higher payout of dividends, income in August surged to a new high and our savings rate was at 53% - pretty decent. However, average savings rate for the year still remained at 45% which is 5% below our target of 50% for the year.

On a positive note, the first chart above is starting to show a positive trend (increasing income line) while the expenses and passive income lines are converging.

Finances aside, I've been entertaining some rather deep thoughts and conversations about where this is all headed to. Life. Finances. And Purpose.

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