Sunday, April 3, 2016

Freedom Check - March 2016

At the end/beginning of every month, I will update the status of my freedom fund as a way to stay accountable to you and myself. Assuming everything else remains constant, the freedom fund is based on the number of months that I am able to sustain myself without income.

Freedom Check - March 2016

Income = 100%

Accommodation: 16%
Food: 17%
Transportation: 1%
Household: 0%
Entertainment: 0%
Cell Phone: 2%
Travel: 3%
Income Tax: 0%
Personal: 0%
Shopping: 4%
Family: 3%
Others: 0%

Contribution to Freedom Fund = 53%

Average Savings Rate (2016) = 39%

Value of freedom: 23 months


53% in savings this month - a feat that needs to be repeated from this month onwards. 

I've added in the passive income line to the Income-Expense chart. As you can see, it looks almost ridiculous now because I've not added much to my dividend stocks lately. Moving forward, I'll be adding a constant amount into an index ETF as a passive strategy while looking for other buckets to park my funds under.

Till then, thanks for staying around!

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  1. A nice savingsrate his month.
    The number of months of freedom has a nice upward trend

  2. The 50% is always hard to maintain. I can't wait for the fall when my wife finishes her post doc and we get a big increase in income!

    1. Tell me about it Chris! Cool, I guess that big increase in income will definitely tip the scale in favour of a higher savings rate.