Tuesday, January 19, 2016


As I sit here in the comfort of a proper bed and an air-conditioned room, I think back about the great lengths I went to save and make money - although I have to admit that not all of those savings went to noble causes. 

I fondly recall my time working in the local cinema; selling tickets, making popcorns and manning the snacks booth. During this short stint, I had the privilege of sneaking into theatre halls to catch a glimpse of the latest movies, previews and people making out in the cinema. 

Using 4 months worth of income, I bought my very first mobile phone. A state-of-the-art, uber-advanced Nokia E61i. Boy, the thing was a beast. 

As a broke college student, my second part-time stint involved a blunt knife, a blender and hours of peeling oranges and other tropical fruits in the narrow kitchen of a juice stall. I hustled as a fruit ninja and was paid a decent amount which eventually enabled me to buy my (then) girlfriend a Fossil watch for her 21st birthday. 

Despite the backaches, long hours and a few sliced fingers, I'll say that it was all worth it as we ended up tying the knot. 

One of my later hustles was working as an assistant in an audit firm. It was, by far, one of the most mind-numbing, soul-sucking jobs I've ever tried out (sorry auditors). The income that I got, however, was sufficient to make me forget about the amount of life I lost in that small little audit firm. 

6 years later, I look back and see how all those hustles taught me valuable lessons that I'll find hard to forget. The first hustle was a lesson on budgeting - how unwise it was to wipe out all I've earned on something so immaterial as a mobile phone. The second hustle, was a masterclass on perseverance and humility. The third hustle taught me what I shouldn't pursue as a career. 

I'm now in the fourth hustle of my life - hustling for freedom. Armed with a degree, a white-collar job and a pay that is well above average, I'm planning to use my earnings to purchase an abstract product that's not available on the market - freedom. 

10-20 years from now, I want to be looking back and saying,

"Wow, hustling for freedom was worth all the effort"

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