Thursday, December 17, 2015

Smart Shopping: Tips and Tricks to Save Money while Shopping Online

Online shopping has certainly made the lives of consumers easier and more convenient. No need to drive to the mall, visit one store after another, or push carts and wait in line—all this can now be accomplished online in just a few clicks.

Better still, there are many bargains to be found online that are simply not available if you went to the mall. Read on to see some tips and tricks in finding that hidden deal online.

Hunt for coupons

Before making a purchase, always search for coupons first. Various sites carry exclusive vouchers and coupons from all kinds of online retailers, from small online merchants to large stores. These coupons often entitle shoppers to benefits such as discounts or free shipping. If you are lucky you can even score yourself a completely free purchase using coupons, it’s definitely worth spending a few minutes to do a search before completing the checkout.

Time your purchases

Online shopping makes it easy for consumers to buy anything at any time. But if you’re a penny pincher and want to get the most from your purchase, then make sure you time your purchases well.

For instance, if you’re looking to buy electronic gadgets and automobiles, the best day to shop is on a Monday since many dealers tend to apply rebates earlier in the week. Tuesday afternoons also give you the lowest airfare deals. Meanwhile, mid-week or Wednesday to Thursday will give you amazing deals on groceries, as well as clothing and shoes. Friday is for jewelry and accessories, while Saturday is the best day for book lovers to head on to their favorite online book store. Sundays can also be reserved for grocery-shopping as well as for major appliances.

Buy through a cashback site

Another smart way to save money while online shopping is by buying via a cashback site. It works when you sign up on a cashback website, visit a participating store through the cashback site, and complete your purchase from there. The cashback site you joined will then track your purchase, claim your money back for you, and forward it to your bank account. You basically get paid for shopping!

Run smart comparison checks

The beauty of online shopping is that you no longer need to go from store to store to check and compare prices. With online comparison sites, it’s easy to find the best prices on various items in just a matter of minutes. All you have to do is go to a comparison site, enter the product you’re looking for, and in an instant you’ll be able to find out which clothing stores, restaurants, car dealers and even tire shops offer the best deals! Comparing prices online not only saves you money, but also time since the information you need is all in one place.

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