Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Conversations After Work

She drops her bag on the floor.

I watch the red leather bag spread itself out as the metal buckle hits the hard tiles below. She's had a tough day and it isn't hard to sense. With an audible sigh, she mutters...

"Sometimes I don't know why we are working so hard.." She pauses. "You know, for what?"

Yes, we have food on the table. Heck, sometimes we have really good meals. We are able to purchase most material items that we want, if we wanted them. All this and yet, we're able to save quite a bit every month. 

But with this comes the stress, the pressure of performing at the workplace, KPIs, appraisals, the constant need to fend off opportunistic rats who want a piece of your pie and the solemn reminder that you're just another cog in the system. 

"I get you, it's tough. Work's hard..it's difficult. But you see, we're working hard now and saving as much as we can now so that one day...not too long in the future, we'll never need to work as hard anymore." I reason.

Silence fills the room and all that's going through my mind is the hope that she sees it the way I do. 

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  1. Saving is hard but without a job that generates an income, saving may not be possible. Great post man.

    1. It's like a prisoner digging his way out of Alcatraz with a spoon. Little progress is made every day but if you don't get to the next day (or next paycheck in this case) you make no progress at all.

      Bit by bit, we'll get there.

  2. Your conversations sound a lot like the ones my wife and I have after a tough day at work. Don't worry though - I'm sure we're not the only ones that have these conversations!

  3. I'm sure you guys will find a sweet spot where you can simultaneously let loose and have fun and also save a nice chunk of change.

    We could save even more than we currently do if we really went frugal and budgeted like crazy. But we compromise because we enjoy our currently lifestyle and don't have any intention of changing it for the sake of saving a few percentage points more.

    As long as you're both in a happy place, enjoy the journey and don't get too fixated on the destination.

  4. If we didn't do the kids thing I'd look into traveling and working abroad. Too late now though!

    1. There are times where I mull over the idea of being a peripatetic traveller...