Tuesday, July 7, 2015

The Past Month

Was like trying to make sandwiches on a roller coaster.

With a new job nowhere in sight, having to juggle between the emotions of uncertainty and the joys of marriage was like being on an extreme theme park ride - I just had to cling on for dear life and ride through the peaks and drops.

I watched eight months of planning, frustration and worrying evaporate into a few hours of excitement, laughter and awkwardness. Strangely enough, I've never understood the senseless glorification of an event. To me the 'getting there' always mattered more than 'arriving'.

But it mattered.

The wedding mattered to our families, friends and those who drove up a winding road to witness a couple getting hitched on a hill. The whole thing was a lesson on happiness - on how happiness is only real when shared.

If I could do it all over again, I'd climb up the rooftop of the bungalow overlooking the garden where we got married and just watch how happy everyone was. I'd watch how those fairy lights bounced off the faces of our guests and reflect on how fast this life is unfolding before us.

While I'm up on the rooftop, I'd probably also smack myself in the face for getting so worked up over everything, for worrying about the financial part of things, for always thinking that everything can be controlled.

It turns out that those worries were unfounded. The past month was a lecture on maturity, on how one-directional thinking sets us up for discontentment...on how we'll achieve nothing on our own - alliances are pivotal.

The past month has been about growing up.

And this is only the beginning.


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  1. Very poignant post. Is "Happiness is only real when shared" your own quote? If so, it's a good one.


    1. Thanks for visiting this little white space Eric. I wish I came up with that gem of a quote. It's actually by Chris McCandless (and there's a movie behind this quote - Into the Wild).


  2. Congrats! Looking back, we could have spent less on the whole shindig (didn't go into debt and recouped a lot back in gifts), but man it was a blast. Like a huge party where everyone had fun. It was a fantastic night to remember, and we were glad that all of our family traveled to our destination wedding. Just kidding, it was only 2 hours away but old people love to complain about anything!

    1. Thanks DF! haha yes, I get you...although I didnt go into debt (was very careful about that). Well the thing is no matter how well you think you've planned the event, you really can't please everyone.

      That was something a wise man once told me.

      Someone, somewhere will still find something to complain about. Just have fun!