Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Take Action, Today*

Starting today, I'm going to feature some of my favorite pieces (once a week) I wrote when I first started White Collar Freedom. New subscribers and followers may not have read these posts and long-time readers may also use a reminder from time to time.

Posts with an '*' behind the title are featured pieces. Have fun, and keep spinning that wheel.


Everywhere, I see dead people.

I read about them, everyday. Like how I ended the previous post, these are people who are dead at 25 but aren't buried until they're 75.

The scary part is that you can see them too.

Notice the girl who just boarded the bus, with her hair still damp from the shower. Or the guy seated in the corner, nodding off intermittently on the commute to the rat wheel. Or your colleague who missed the deadline on her monthly credit card bill.

Over time, they have come to accept that life after graduation is about chasing deadlines, taking on huge mortgages and going on expensive vacations. Apathy is also viewed as a normal part of 'working life'.

They fret about boredom, about how they feel overworked, stressed out, and exploited, but so little is being done to flip the stones of corporate monotony.

Try questioning them and you'll get the classic "What else can I do?" or "Well, it pays the bills.." response.

These people are dead; nothing more than loan drones who drag their bodies to work everyday, so that the debt collector does not come knocking on their doors. And you know why they are not doing anything about it?

Because they fail to take action.

You know what? No amount of motivational articles, books or speeches is going to transform your life, if you do not take action. Even if you are a regular reader of White Collar Freedom, nothing's going to change, if you do not take action.

You are a ship heading for an iceberg.

No one's asking you jump off. All I'm saying is that you still have time to adjust your bearings by 5 degrees and this small incremental change will lead you onto a very different path, further down the road.

Have a plan. Earn more. Spend less. Invest the difference. Work on a business idea. Be financially free young.

Stop being a passive reader.

Today, you are going to take action.

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  1. You say they not doing anything because they fail to do anything i.e. take action... That's the same thing!

    The reason they do nothing about their situation is because they are not convinced that there's a viable, easy to implement alternative to their life as it is right now.

    What these people need is a revelation of reality, then they will see themselves and their situation in a new light, rather than the way that you see them because you're lucky enough to have already had a revelation on financial freedom...

    Only after you've realised that there are genuine alternatives, can they make decisions to do something to achieve these alternatives.

    1. Hmm, I see your point M.

      Maybe it didn't come out right in the post but I really feel that awareness is already out there. The problem is that no one has enough conviction (like you said) to actually 'take action'.

      I mean, we have TV series like "The Biggest Loser" where people show tremendous improvement (weight) over time but most of us (myself included) tend to be inspired but not inspired enough to take action, sometimes.

      Same goes with finances. Perhaps, the revelation will only come when we start making minor changes and monitoring the results of those changes.

      What do you think?

    2. I think it's partly a matter of a lack of awareness of what is actually out there (most people can't see the wood for the trees), and partly because of a person's perception of himself. The latter is the more critical part.

      If a person does not value himself, he'll not take any action in the right direction, no matter what alternatives may be staring him in the face. My colleague, for example, buys a lot of lottery tickets, and then complains about never having any money. He buys his breakfast AND lunch out every day at work, but cancelled his work pension because he says he can't afford to have that amount of money taken or of his salary every month.

      This is because he perceives himself as poor. He does not understand the value of money, because if it's only a small amount, apparently small amounts can never be added up to big amounts, which justifies spending several small amounts every day, every week, every month, and every year.

      People like this need to hear a story that is framed to suit them, a story which shows them the reality of their situation, and one which is tailored to appeal to them as an individual.

      It's only once a person has a kind of awakening to the situation, and that it's actually rather a lot easier than he thought to start making positive steps, that he can actually take those positive steps. Sometimes, people need to be walked through the steps, and sometimes they have such a strong revelation, that they go for their new life with full steam ahead.

    3. Yes, that's spot on M!

      I like what you said about a person's perception of him/herself. It's also a person's natural tendency to label themselves with statements like...."nah, I'm not the 'saver' type" or "I'm not smart" or "I'll never be rich", etc.

      But I'm sure once they get that awakening, they'll embrace it fully. The least that we can do is to try living life by example.

      Great exchange of thoughts!