Sunday, March 29, 2015

At The Break of Dawn

Don't get me wrong.

I'm all for hard work, sweat, and sacrifice. I understand the grind. I also understand its rewards. 

That sweet little paycheck? Man, I do love dumping half of it into my mean little compounding machine and watch it give birth to smaller paychecks throughout the year. Perhaps it's a perverse form of catharsis - whereby I feel as if I'm doing something to redeem myself from the drudgery of the corporate rat cage.

But, come Monday, I'm leaving.

Without an offer. Yep, you read that all right. 

Wait, hold your judgement. You see, things aren't rosy in this rat cage. In fact, it has not been rosy since more than a year ago.

There's a joke that I share with a friend.

We, white collar workers are merely hamsters in a cage - diligently running around and spinning the wheel from 9 to 5. The more we spin that wheel, the more ridiculous we look because we think we're actually going somewhere, when in actual fact, we're not.

That, somehow makes the owner happy. In return, sunflower seeds drop from the top of the cage.

Sometimes it's finely grated carrots, other times, it's fresh fruits.

I'm referring to your performance bonuses, variable bonuses and miscellaneous treats that are intended to keep you running on that wheel.

Nothing's wrong with that. Really, I mean, it's great if you're one happy hamster!

But the cage I'm in is falling apart, the bedding has been unchanged for years on end.

It reeks with the pungent smell of broken dreams and regret.

Every other day, I look in the mirror and I hear an almost audible voice,

"What are you still doing here!?"     

This time, I'm listening to it.

I'm able to do this only because I have a significant emergency bucket. I would not, ever suggest that you leave your job without at least half a year's worth of expenses tucked away somewhere.

Very soon, I'll be activating the emergency bucket and I'd be lying if I said I'm not scared - to live in premature retirement (albeit for a short term) is a crippling thought. To watch my income line drop to ZERO while my expenses hold its path is pure horror.

The best part of this is that I've never been more excited at the thought of closing one chapter in my life and moving on to something greater.

It has to happen.

The plan, of course is to utilize this short term freedom and look for a better, more well-maintained rat cage while working on a side-hustle (if any of you need any paid writers, do drop me an email).

On the flip side, there's a safe path that the majority of us take - which is to hang on to this debilitating rat cage and hope that somehow our situation cures itself.

I see that as pure procrastination. Nothing more.

What's at stake you may ask. Well, I'm getting married real soon and it's not the most classy way to start a marriage jobless.

I'm putting myself out there this time. Maybe...just maybe, a concoction of fear, excitement and risk is exactly what I need to make the leap to something greater.

What's the worst that can happen? 

I see two roads diverge in the woods. At the break of dawn, I'm taking the one less traveled.

Well, at least, according to Robert Frost,

That made all the difference.

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  1. Damn, making the leap. No entrepreneurial plan already in place?

    1. In the midst of working on one. But it's definitely not ready to take off on its own yet. :)

  2. Sounds exciting. Looking forward to hearing how this goes.

    1. Excitement is what I need right now....even if I have to put my ass on the line. Will keep you freedom warriors updated.

      Cheers :)

  3. So happy for you! Congrats!

  4. Good luck man!

    I hope that you just needed change and that the old rat cage wasn't just a horrible soul sucking place.... Well maybe what I just said was an oxymoron, but I wish you the best on what you're looking for.

    1. Thanks Zee! Well, I do need change and it can be soul sucking at times. I'm sure u know how that feels.

      But it's alright. Better times ahead. I hope....

  5. Onward and Upward my friend. May your path be filled with passion, abundance, and much success.

    We are here to support you in the community.


    1. You guys are the best! The support from this community is Amazing (with a capital 'A').


  6. Good luck, Josh!

    You're doing what so many others fear doing: taking matters into your own hands and taking the plunge into the unknown.

    I hope you find something that you love doing soon!

    Best wishes,

    1. Thanks man...I had sleepless nights thinking about it. But the conviction was just too strong.

      I hope I'll be able to find something I love doing soon too!


  7. That was 90 degree turn I didn't see coming!
    Good on you mate.
    I'd love to follow suit but my Emergency Bucket holds only enough for 1 month. Also I have found ways of making my rat cage bearable.
    I look forward to your updates with great fervor

    1. To be honest, I didn't see it coming as well. But I think the environment in my rat cage compounded over time and it hit a new record. Conviction to look for something better is just too strong.

      Well, I promise you that your Emergency Bucket of 1 month will grow so fast, you'd be surprised.

      Cheers and here's to living a deliberate life,

  8. Nice work and you have big ones brotha!! A deliberate life indeed...

  9. Congrats on the big step! My hamster cage is still the best opportunity cost for me at the present :)