Monday, February 23, 2015

The Numbers Don't Lie

Hiking the road to early retirement is one that is hardly understood.

It's a lonely one man.

Very few understand why you're doing it. Some nod approvingly when you share excitedly about saving, investing and escaping from the corporate treadmill at a relatively young age.

Others look at you in disbelief, discreetly trying to figure out if you fell and knocked your head as a child growing up.

I highly doubt if my parents understand this little ambition of mine. They'd probably go "Ah well, kids these days, can't even hold down a job for 20 years!".

Heck, I've even tried convincing my significant other that it can be done; it's real, believe me. But to no avail, all I got was just a verbal approval - an obligatory "okay...sure..." that slid out of those beautiful lips, but evaporated into nothingness soon after.

I will not lie. It affects me, deeply.

But the numbers don't lie either.

I keep looking back at the progress I've made over the past year and I can't be delusional. Those are cold hard figures, with no intention to deceive its readers.

Those numbers tell me that I'm not chasing my own tail, but something that is highly attainable if I'm willing to put in the work & sacrifice necessary.

I've saved over 35% of my income last year and I'm on track to save more than 50% this year - the numbers don't lie.

The freedom fund is growing at a better than expected rate - that's not a lie.

The freedom fund is also on track to spit out more than $500 in dividends this year - and that isn't a lie either.

That approval, the validation from others that I desperately hunger for - perhaps it's time to stop looking for it.

Only when it's all done and finished will it all start to make sense.

So, if you do not want it bad enough, if you don't see what you're working towards, then don't...don't start it.

Because it's not normal, people.

And it may not be for you.

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  1. We are an aberration my friend. But it doesn't have to be lonely, I think that is why there is such a great personal finance community. If you can't find the like minded folks around you, the internet lets you find them anywhere in the world.

    The thing I have noticed is that when you go against "normal", people don't understand. It's because its different and against conventional wisdom. But stay the course my friend, don't let them drag you down.

    Because if you stay the course long enough those same doubters and haters start to come around. They start to believe and get curious when they see you are making real progress.

    I have seen it in both fitness and finance. When my wife and I started get really fit and eating healthy and turning desserts and unhealthy food down, and going out to drink for the night and only having a drink or two because our fitness was more important to us. People didn't get it. They felt offended.

    But eventually a lot of those same people came around when they saw I had lost like 50 lbs in a year and my wife like 15lbs and were in the best shape of our lives. They wanted to know how they could do the same thing. These were the same people giving us a hard time saying "its just one piece of cake" or "come on don't be such a buzz kill and have another drink" or "why...."

    Its funny just last night my wife called me on the phone and explained to me that she was telling her mom about our plan to pay off our mortgage before we are 35. And I guess she had sat on it for a long time and then asked her "is it because of the financial situation that your dad and I are in". To me she too was starting to feel a little guilty that she didn't make the greatest financial decision when they were earning good money.

    So at first she questioned why we would ever do it. Then she started to figure out our motivation. The next step will be her asking us how they can make some better financial decisions in their lives. I am telling you I have seen this process play out time and time again.


    1. Wow, thanks for pouring all that out man. Really means a lot.

      I guess your comment is a perfect testament to what you said about the internet and finding others out there who share the same journey.

      Perhaps like you said, it's always tough in the beginning. But when people start to see that the life choices that you make are starting to pay off, then everything will work out in the end.


    2. Great to see your hustle here Dom! Love what Josh is putting out there too and am steadily working my way through his catalog..

      You've really summed up some awesome points here :)

      Appreciate the awesome community that is personal finance!

    3. Hey Jef, thanks for dropping by and reading one of my old posts. Wow I've just realised how far I've come by reading this. It's so much better these days.

      Will update soon.