Wednesday, February 18, 2015

People Buy Junk

Nestled in a cozy corner at a cafe with dim, warm lights, I'm writing this just after I sold a used camera bag to a buyer I met online.

While it wasn't a hefty sum, what I received for that bag could easily pay for the commission on my next stock purchase.

Unused and abandoned, that bag was living a sedentary life under the bed, collecting nothing but a proud layer of dust. To me, it was junk.

Look around you, all that stuff...all that clutter. When was the last time you used them? How often do you use them?

Yup, most of it are junk.

And you bought them in the first place. 

Remember that lonely Friday night when you did some 'retail therapy'? 

Shoes were on offer. You bought them despite already having more than 10 pairs back home. Oh wait, you forgot that the shoe rack is already full. So you shopped for a larger shoe rack to fit that new pair you just bought. While you're paying for the shoe rack, a tube of shoe polish on the shelves near the cashier caught your attention. 

Hey you know what? You bought that too. 

People buy junk. 

We, buy junk.  

Now, don't act all surprised. At some point in our lives, we're all guilty of this. 

But here's the best part:

"If people buy junk, they will buy your junk too."

I'll be honest. I was the kind who used to think, "Come on, who's gonna buy that crinkly-looking bag I have in the corner?!".

Well, I sold that bag. 

Heck, I sold 2 of them. 

In the past 6 months, I've also sold old MacBook RAM sticks (I wonder what will that guy do with it), an old film camera (for $200...yea, it was a compact Leica that I bought for less than what I sold it for), unused parking tickets, old camera lenses (2 units) and other miscellaneous items.

Here's the thing, and I'll say it again:

People buy junk. 

Now that you know, put that knowledge to use. Join the other side. 

Go sell some junk.  

PS: As I'm writing this, I've just got an email from another buyer who wants to buy an old camera strap from me. And I'm not making any of this shit up. 

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  1. So true. I just got rid of the top half of a nasty particle-board desk on Craigslist. Had multiple people interested, too.

    1. Haha, a top half of a particle-board desk? I'm always surprised by what people are willing to buy.

      I once had a buyer who travelled 45 minutes to buy a $30 used item from me.

      Btw, welcome to this little white space Lianna.

    2. Thanks! Been reading your posts for about a month now. Great stuff.

  2. I have recently found this is true! After reading about minimalism, I have started to purge things from my house. I had a joint garage sale with some friends and made over $200! After purging some more, I made another pile of some less-than-stellar junk and was surprised that people still wanted it! I made about $90 at the second garage sale. I was so glad that other people could use the stuff I didn't want anymore. But I was still surprised that people be buying some junk.

    1. Now that sounds pretty awesome! Giving your stuff a 'second life' and getting paid for it = so much 'win'.

      Also, welcome to the White Collar Freedom secret society Gira.

  3. This post came with perfect timing. As my wife and I are planning to go through our stuff that has been sitting in the garage and spare bedroom since we moved into our new house a year ago.

    The plan is to list some things for sale on Amazon and/or Craigslist.

    And the stuff that doesn't sell will be donated.

    Looking forward to selling some junk. I hate seeing things sit around that we don't need or use.


    1. Great to know that GYFY. I'm sure you'll be shocked too by the eagerness of others to shove money into your hands for items you never thought people will buy.

      My long-term objective is to live a 'lean' life where everything I have is of high value to me. Not so much of the monetary cost of the item, but making sure that whatever I keep adds value to my freedom.


  4. Even better, when I have a tenant leave a bunch of junk behind, people will take it away for free. Most things tenants leave behind is junk, but someone will take it.

    1. Haha, that's just baffling. I guess one man's junk is another man's gem.

      Welcome to this little white space No Nonsense Landlord. And I like what you're doing over there with those rental properties ;)

  5. Josh,

    Succesfully selling your stuff is one of the best feelings ever! You get to live in a less cluttered house and it fills up your bank account nicely. I've often thought of selling my video games collection (probably worth around €10,000), but I just can't part with it. Too many good memories when I see the boxes ligned up on my shelves. :)

    Hope you get to sell more stuff!

    1. Wow NMW, that must be a mighty collection of video games. I, too, get sentimental with the stuff I sell, but I keep asking myself "how do these items add value to my freedom?"

      And the answer is always: "When I sell them...".

      Then again, there are some things that I will never sell for the world. Too many memories.