Wednesday, December 10, 2014

When The Thing You Enjoy Most Is Costing You Your Freedom

I have another confession to make.

I can't resist it. It starts with a thought, and those impulses travel down my veins, slowly. Then comes the familiar growl that builds up in the middle of my belly.

Yes...that, my friends, is all it takes for me to whip out my wallet and spend $36 on a bowl of Japanese noodles drenched in a hot boiling broth.

Okay, hold your judgment people.

I'm a sucker for food and I admit that it does not take more than a flicker of thought in my head to trigger an impulsive decision to walk into a damn restaurant. Or any other eatery for that matter.

It is one of the few things that actually make me happy, satiated, comforted - and it is costing me my freedom.

If you followed my monthly updates on the freedom fund, you'll notice that 'food' makes up a significant portion of my monthly expenses - at 21% last month.

"On average I've been spending $500-$700 a month on food and that is ridiculous."

In other words, I've been spending close to $20 a day on food alone, on average. Below is an illustration of how I used to spend on food:

Monday: $20
Tuesday: $20
Wednesday: $20
Thursday: $20
Friday: $20
Saturday: $40
Sunday: $40
Total per week: $180
Total per month: $180 x 4 = $720 

I'm working on a plan that will allow me to cut this expense to $12 a day and this is how it looks like:

Monday: $12
Tuesday: $12
Wednesday: $12
Thursday: $12
Friday: $12
Saturday: $30
Sunday: $30
Total per week: $120
Total per month: $120 x 4 = $480 
(I know it can be better, but for now, baby steps...)

That amounts to a significant savings of ($720-$480) = $240 per month

"That's the kind of 'big wins' that I'm talking about. An instant boost to my freedom bucket"

Don't jump the gun here.

I'm not depriving myself, I'm just making an effort to spend more consciously and eat more healthily by either preparing my own meals or eating healthier/cheaper alternatives.

I'm still allowing myself to splurge a little more on ridiculously-priced bowls of Ramen noodles (and all that other gastronomic luxuries) on weekends.

I'm making compromises on the one thing that I enjoy most because when I evaluate what I want more badly in life - gastronomic pleasures or a life that is free from the rat cage?

Freedom wins, hands-down.

Every single fucking time.

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