Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Freedom Check - November 2014

At the end/beginning of every month, I will update the status of my freedom fund as a way to stay accountable to you and myself. Assuming everything else remains constant, the freedom fund is based on the number of months that I am able to sustain myself without income.

Freedom Check - November 2014

Income = 100%

Family = 13.8%
Personal = 0%
Rental = 25%
Food = 20.8%
Transport = 3.6%
Cell = 0.6%
Household = 0.7% 
Travel = 3.5%
Misc. = 0%
Shopping = 0%

Contribution to Freedom Fund = 31.8%

Value of Freedom = 6.66 months 

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  1. Josh,

    Well done on saving over 30% of your income. That puts you on a nice growth path to reaching freedom soon.

    Keep it up,

  2. Thanks for the encouragement NMW. I'm trying really hard to crank that up to 50% but rental is the real killer here.

    Gotta find ways to bring the costs down but in the meantime, increasing income is a priority for the next 3-6 months.