Wednesday, November 12, 2014

You're Missing The Point

It was about 7am in the morning. As I was getting dressed for the daily grind on the corporate treadmill, I tucked my shirt in and fastened the button on my pants.

It felt a little tighter than usual but I managed to get it on.

Then I exhaled...

And believe me, that little son of a button popped off at the speed of a .30 caliber bullet and gave the mirror in front a loud clunk.

I had two options, send it to the tailor who'll get the button replaced for $5-10 bucks or I could learn to fix it myself.

You guessed it, I chose the latter.

Now if you think this is a post about saving a couple of bucks, you're missing the point.

It is about the mindset that forms the basis of financial freedom.

Getting that button replaced by a seamstress would be like paying a fund manager to manage your portfolio. In a way, you are surrendering to the thought that you are not capable, always having to rely on someone else. In short, you are falling prey to a consumer mindset.

On the flip side, learning how to fix that button myself is lending support to the formation of a self-sufficient mindset, one that is always learning, progressing and growing.

It is not the penny-pinching that matters but the underlying idea of learning and self improvement that grooms one to financial success.

The output is something that you can be proud of. Right at that moment, you become a producer.

Ever wonder why people who are financially free are also those who taught themselves how to save, invest and run a business? 

If you don't know much about a certain something, read up, make mistakes and you'll learn to succeed along the way.

The same applies to investing, personal finance and getting out of the rat cage.

It also extends to everything else in life.

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1 comment:

  1. Complete agree with you here Josh! Am reading through your archives and loving the content you're producing..
    You'll start to see more comments from me as I move through all of your articles :)

    Looking forward to reading more about your journey, it's inspiring!