Thursday, November 27, 2014

The Corporate Treadmill Is Not The Problem, It Is Us

Like a savage with a voracious appetite, the corporate treadmill hungered for more of my time this week. In fact, it was merciless, like all other weeks before this. 

And I gave in to it.

Well, how was it for you? Don't answer that. We all know why you're here, reading this blog.

I have a confession to make. 

At times, I do feel like there's a future in the corporate treadmill, the promises, the promotions, the "3-year plans"... when your superiors paint a bright and exciting picture of the year ahead, hoping that you'll slug it out with the company - for one more year.

I get duped sometimes, but my appetite for freedom has never wavered. My conviction to be free from the enslavement of the corporate treadmill has only grown deeper with each passing day. 

That hope, the "one-more-year-syndrome" is nothing but a figment of our own imagination. 

Don't be fooled, fellow rats. 

There's no security in the system, your future is yours and only you can own it. What are you doing with each paycheck earned? Are you finding ways to grow your nest egg? How many paychecks away are you from being broke? 

There will be a day when the storm comes. 

Life is not about waiting for the storm to pass.

Build your freedom fund!

Because when the storm comes, you'll be dancing in the fucking rain. 

"You're explicitly owned by your debt and implicitly owned by the creditor. You put 15% of you income into a retirement account for 40 years, plan to retire at 65, then try to spend the remainder of your life making up for lost time and health. Are you willing to take that deal? If not, there's another way: Don't accept the chains; leave the cave." - Jacob Lund Fisker

There's nothing wrong with the corporate treadmill. It is just someone else's freedom fund. 

The corporate treadmill is not the problem.

It is us.

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