Sunday, November 9, 2014

Happiness Is Only Real When Shared

Everybody's looking for that elusive happiness.

So much so that if you were to write a book on 'happiness', it will sell. 

What's really disturbing about our search for happiness is that a lot of us to tend to anchor ourselves to a number. I'm sick of hearing people bragging about that certain someone who earns $350,000 a month and how they are simply fascinated by the top ONE percent.

They think that is the price of happiness - $350,000 a month. So they spend their entire lives chasing a number, thinking that they need that preposterous sum of money to be happy. 

In a one-dimensional search for a glimpse of 'happiness', they do whatever it takes (sometimes even without a conscience) to get closer to the horizon - essentially sacrificing genuine relationships, respect, morality and decades of their lives.

While I may not have the formula for happiness, but I'm pretty damn sure constantly comparing yourself to the ONE percent is the perfect recipe for misery. 

These people (those who think that you need $350,000 a month to be happy) are toxic. 

In a twisted way, they are implying that the rest of the population do not have a right to be happy.

And that's fucking bullshit.

Of course, they'll be quick with their retort,

"Well, it's better to cry in a Ferrari than on a bicycle"

That's comfort, not happiness. Which part of crying in a Ferrari sounds like happiness? 

So, that statement's bullshit, too.

You may spend your entire life trying to climb the pyramid, to reach the top, to be part of the ONE percent... but in your struggle, please do not discount the rest of us.

Money to me is like oxygen. You need it to live, but storing excessive amounts of oxygen will not make you any happier. That is why financial freedom is not about being the wealthiest person in the world. 

It is about having enough, and then some.

I find my happiness in simple pleasures - dressed in t-shirt and shorts, surrounded by a group of friends, enjoying a snack by the street. 

Laughter. Beer. Hotdogs. Hugs. Kisses. Music. 

Yes, you still need money to do that.

But you don't need $350,000 a month to be happy. 

"Happiness is ONLY real when shared" - Chris McCandles

Then again, this is solely my view and you are very well entitled to yours too.

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