Wednesday, October 22, 2014

Just Laugh Along

Yes, they will laugh.

Some will frown, and many will try to tell you that it is not possible. The word "finance" is alien to many and "freedom" seems like an idealistic concept in their minds.

When combined, the term "financial freedom" looks like an incomprehensible algebraic equation.

Upon hearing it, they will snigger.

Then you go on about "early retirement", and they can hardly contain it anymore. Like a cackle of hyenas, they'll look at each other and let out a hollow laughter with a condescending undertone.

For a brief moment, you'll feel like an idiot.


"Let's face it, not everyone's going to get it"

When you refuse to keep up with the joneses, it is normal to stand out like a sore thumb. 
Not everyone's going to understand why you're still using a 5-year old Macbook, or a 3-year old iPhone. (Both are still working great, btw)
If you're reading this blog, you may already understand that there is an opportunity cost associated with replacing these items whenever there is a newer edition. In gradual increments, this opportunity cost may cost you your freedom. 

"Even those close to you may not necessarily understand it"

When I explain my whole "save, invest and retire at 35 because I can't imagine my whole life on the corporate treadmill" ideology to my parents and my partner, they'll give me their support. 
But I know, deep down, they don't really get it.

"This is where self-belief comes in"

It's painful at times. Yes I know that. When you're swimming against the current, it is easy to let doubt get the best of you. 
This is why you need to have an 'inner scorecard' where you measure yourself against your own standards and ideals, as opposed to having an 'outer scorecard' where you allow others to place you on their yardsticks. 
You know that freedom is what you're working towards. So stick to it.


So, the next time you sense their eyes twinkling with mirth;

Just laugh if it's a joke.

Some battles are worth fighting, and some are not. You need to pick and choose them, wisely.

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  1. I really enjoy your writing style, it's very good! I'm jelly. Anyways, great post! Yes, going against the herd is difficult. But if you're doing what everyone else doing then you can't expect anything more than average.

    1. Thanks Henry, glad you enjoyed it. I agree, the road to freedom is tough but when all you want is owning your own time and your future, it's all worth it.

      Good to have like-minded people like yourself around.

  2. Thank you White Collar. I now have a new favourite blog for 2014.
    My collar is not white, it's decidedly Blue,an environment maybe even harder than yours in which to think outside the box.
    Keep up the blogging

    1. Dan, welcome to this little space of mine and your comment means a lot. I'm actually amazed to find more and more readers like yourself who can somehow relate to the white or blue collar 'treadmill'.

      There are 2 kinds of people in this world - those who "get it" and those who "don't".

      You, sir, get it.