Monday, October 13, 2014

I See Dead People, Everywhere

I see dead people, every day - people whose dreams died many decades ago.

I see their lives unfold inside a cubicle as they devour their sandwiches in front of their excel spreadsheets.

I see many others who perpetually chase money to fund their status symbols and are always angsty and never satisfied.

Like a rat on the treadmill, their search for peace ended the moment they got onto the treadmill.


Unlike them, I choose to surround myself with those who live against the norms. They refuse to be defined by a paycheck, by materialistic possessions and they live meaningfully, pursuing the things that matter most to them.

But they know that money is still an important ingredient in making the above happen. That's why they've dedicated a significant amount of time towards building their freedom fund - streams of passive income that will trickle down as they descend into the stairwell of mortality.

I've been adding inspirational blogs to my personal reading list and it is always good to know that I'm not alone in this journey. If you need to know, they are:

When you surround yourself with the right thoughts, the right books and the right people, you'll start to see dead people too.

And only then, can you start living a purposeful life.

One that is free.

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