Sunday, October 19, 2014

Anything Beyond Freedom Is Sick

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While most hamsters are busy partying on a Friday night, I stayed in and watched the highly controversial and unprecedented documentary by Jamie Johnson - "The One Percent" (YouTube link here)

As a part of the extremely wealthy 'Johnson & Johnson' family, Jamie always found it difficult to understand the life of the rich, those who were born into it (himself included) and the fact that the income gap between the rich and the poor is getting wider over the years.

Using his network and his connections, he filmed a documentary highlighting the inner workings of wealthy families, how they think and how they ensure that their wealth is always distributed within their own inner circle.

Through the 76 minute clip, you'll see that it's no longer about freedom for this group of people - they are running on an even larger treadmill.

When you have 100 million and you still think that it is not enough, then it has clearly become a sickness.

This is exactly the reason why there is a need to find joy in the things we already have, in the relationships we often take for granted and the happiness that is already within us.

This is why I'm pursuing freedom and not a number in my head.

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