Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Balance Is Excellence

Hey fellow white-collar rats,

I hope you've been working on your bucket system lately.

As the year is coming to an end soon, it's that time of the year where I've been reflecting on the freedom journey so far.

It has been a tough year but one that is equally rewarding in experience. Over the past 10 months or so, I've experimented with extremes - depriving myself in some months to achieve a high savings rate and splurging on other non-essential items when the satisfaction of saving diminishes.

Although I've achieved my savings goal every month, I realised that aiming for the extremes is easy, finding the optimum point, on the other hand, is difficult - but it's the most rewarding. 

Likewise, being a top-ranked C-level executive may be achievable if one were to sacrifice friends, family and youth. However, finding a balance between one's career, family, kids and personal ambition is difficult; then again, it's the most rewarding.

But does this balance exist? Is there really such a thing as an optimum point?

If you've ever studied economics in school, you'll know that this point exists and that it changes according to the different combinations of supply and demand. Thus, what is optimum for me may not be for you.

However, I believe firmly in the fact that we must insist on looking for that optimum point in our lives, careers, families and finances.

Over the past weekend, I've discovered that it is not easy to stay afloat in shallow water (without any movement). Don't believe me? Try it...go to a shallow wading pool, lie face up and try floating like a log. You'll find that your legs will sink. 
But there is a technique, and it revolves around finding your balance. In this case you can start by slowly extending your arms slowly to the side and to the back until you hit that optimum point. 
Then the magic happens. You'll start to feel the weight of your body shifting upwards, your legs start to gets lighter and you start to lose the sense of weight - your body detaches from your senses. 
And in an almost zen-like experience, you start to float.

In this journey towards freedom, it's the same. It's about finding a balance amidst extremities and a balance in moderation.

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