Friday, August 8, 2014

The Opportunity Cost of The Corporate Treadmill

I mean sure, not everyone has their life path figured out at a young age.

But I'm pretty damn sure nobody actually aspires to be stuck in a glass building, working 10-14 hours a day, sacrificing their weekends and loved ones for the hope of a promotion to continue chasing the carrot of the corporate world for the next 40 years. (Read: Director of Operations)

I know it pays the bills, or more.

But hey, who are you kidding? The higher you climb, the faster you'll have to run on the corporate treadmill. I'm saying that there is an opportunity cost for every day that you show up at the cubicle.

And the cost of that opportunity (more money/title) may be the things in life that you've always taken for granted - time for yourself, genuine relationships, your family and things/activities that truly matter to you.

I've been thinking about this and came to the conclusion that freedom is about minimizing that opportunity cost:

  1. Your opportunity cost is minimized when you are spending 10-14 hours a day doing something that you're passionate about, something that excites you.

  2. Your opportunity cost will be minimized when you're contributing to your bucket system because eventually, what you choose to do with your life will not be influenced by money.

  3. When you're working on a side gig that interests you, you're minimizing your opportunity cost because that side gig may one day take off and you'll be doing something fulfilling and financially rewarding.

Stop throwing your good years into a job that spits out cash but takes the very best out of you. The bottom line is something needs to change.

And only you can make it happen.

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