Monday, June 23, 2014

Stop Trying To Make Them Understand

A lot of people will not get it.

I choose to climb the stairs every morning, instead of taking the elevator. I complete my workout routine daily, when I could instead park myself in front of the TV after work. I try hard to save 40% of my income, instead of the conventional 10%. On the commute to work, I cram in an hour's worth of reading time, absorbing knowledge, instead of nodding off like the others. 

I'm in my early twenties, but I'm trying to be financially independent in 6-7 years because a lifetime of being bonded by a paycheck does not make any sense. 

Relationships matter, doing what you love matters, having time with your family matters. Unfortunately, corporate life and paycheck slavery convince you otherwise.

I'm afraid of complacency and corporate monotony, that's why I push hard in the other direction, and sometimes I quiver on the edge of exhaustion.

So dear reader, if you share the same thoughts and sentiments as I do, it's okay if others do not understand your motivations. 

Most probably, they do not see the progress that you're making.

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