Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Six O' Clock & The Great Escape

5:59 p.m.

You watch the minute hand closely as it moves slowly to draw a vertical line down the face of the clock - balancing out the hours on its left and right sides perfectly.

It's six sharp now. 

For many, it signifies the transient relief of work for the day. So, the exodus starts with a throng of white-collar workers waiting impatiently to get on the train - anxious to get to their place of escape.  
Often unspoken, it is common knowledge that there are not many hours left before the drudgery starts all over again the next day. So, we cherish those 4 hours after work that we have of actual 'living' and revel in activities that provide a fair bout of decompression. 
We spend so much money and time on temporary escapes; drinks, movies, retail therapy (as if it provided any treatment at all to the disease), but so little time and effort is given to building an actual escape from the corporate treadmill. 

You look at the clock again, and then this time, at your manager's face.

And then you realize, you can't leave yet. 

You've got to look busy.

Because the promotion's just around the corner.

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