Thursday, May 15, 2014

So, What's Next?

Minimalism and frugality were the two main ingredients. Together, they formed a compound, so corrosive, that it melted the shackles of debt that bounded me to the corporate treadmill.

It taught me how to be financially disciplined and buoyant. It taught me how to manage the emotional urges of consumerism. It proved to me that I actually need very little to survive and it rewarded me with a growing surplus in my bank account.

But will minimalism and frugality alone lead to financial freedom?

You must be delusional to think so.

The idea of living frugally for the rest of your life, is in many ways, settling for less. A monk is frugal, a minimalist and perhaps even 'financially free' in a way. But then again, I believe we're not striving to live like a celibate monk.

Look at frugality more as a treatment to the 'paycheck-to-paycheck lifestyle', but in no way will it alone lead you to financial freedom.

So, what's next? 

The next step would be to focus intensely on the freedom buckets - it is the most challenging and interesting part of the bucket system because it completes the loop. Truth is, I am still trying to figure this part of the system out.

The only clue that I have is that the freedom buckets should involve leverage of some sort.

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