Thursday, May 22, 2014

It's The Same Stage, Just Different Actors

Over dinner...

Three young ladies were seated at the next table.

The theme of the dinner was office politics and each one of them took turns to bitch about a fellow coworker, as if the conversation they were having was a hotpot that required more ingredients as the night went on.

They spent close to 2 hours harping on the same topic before realising that they'd better get some rest before the alarm rings again at 7 a.m..


On the commute back home...

A young man, with his sleeves casually rolled up to his forearm was engaged in a conversation with a friend. 

As the train rocked from side-to-side, the young man was encouraging his forlorn-looking friend to hang on to his job for another 2 years before hopping on to another. He argued that it was a better strategy.

His friend had his head down and kept silent for most of the journey...


In both situations, unhappiness was a common denominator.

As if 10 hours of running on the corporate treadmill isn't enough, the miseries of the corporate rat cage is frequently dragged into other aspects of our lives - proudly smearing our relationships, time and self-worth. 

As the miseries of the job accrues, we search for that new job - thinking that a new role in a new environment would 'wipe the slate clean'; knowing very little that the themes of corporate bondage is often repeated in different forms.

It's always the same stage, the same old stories; just different actors.

Some spend 40 years of their life, jumping from job to job, only to find out that the above is true.

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