Saturday, May 3, 2014

Ideally, That's What We All Want...

*** 2 years back ***

Clutching a folder full with certificates, transcripts and 15 years of academic preparation, I casually walked up the spiral stairs leading to the mezzanine floor - where the interview room was located.

The interviewer was relatively young for his age, dapper and had an air of casual confidence - one that is typical of high-flying corporate executives after years of being contorted by corporate reality. By the way, this was the firm that was on my corporate 'dream list' - and the position, was the one I would picture myself in, when my mind drifted off during long boring lectures in college. 

This was the firm that I thought would have me 'set for life'.

The interview started off with the standard set of introductory questions, followed by deeper ones - peering into my motivations for the job, to which I responded with the bluntness of an eager graduate; 

"I really want to take on a role in an organisation where I'd feel motivated and charged up the moment I open my eyes in the morning, eager and passionate about what the day has to offer..."

I expected a response of requited energy and enthusiasm from him, something that will reassure me that this job, this dream company that I had always longed to be a part of, would be the one for me. 

To my disappointment, he instead paused and smirked;

"Well..." he said, as he shrugged his shoulders. Unsure of whether to sneer at the naivety of my statement or to reflect on himself, he continued, "Ideally, that's what we all want...", followed by a brief moment of silence. 

Many would have dreamed of being in his position. After all, he really looked like he loved what he did. But for a moment, in those long seconds of made me wonder if he was truly contented with his job, or, was he just...another rat on the treadmill.

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