Monday, May 26, 2014

Creating Choices

It seems like a plateau - this journey I'm on.

But it's really not. You see, getting out of the corporate rat cage does not require that you come up with a revolutionary idea or a brilliant invention.

It's much more subtle than that.

While I may not have a guaranteed plan that will lead me to freedom, I align myself towards it. The only thing that is certain here is the direction that I'm headed towards.

Learning how to be financially disciplined, is walking in that direction. Accumulating knowledge on possible income streams, is walking in that direction. Avoiding the herd, is walking in that direction. Building a bucket system, is walking in that direction.

And, walking in that direction gives me a choice.

You know how we always see that colleague in the next cubicle who frets about the job and the lack of work-life balance but continues to turn up at the corporate treadmill the next day, to slog it out again? That's what you call, a lack of choice.

It all boils down to this: are you making the right choices today, so that you have the choices you want tomorrow?

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