Monday, April 21, 2014

Why It Matters To Me

It may not mean much to you.

But, every now and again, the memories of my childhood flash through my mind, disrupting my thoughts in quick-fire succession. 

These flashbacks are muted, but the visuals grow with gradual clarity; I see two grown individuals screaming at each other, violently. As these memories come into focus, those two individuals gradually reveal themselves, and their voices become audible, insidiously, as if someone turned the volume knob clockwise.

Those individuals were my parents. 

As dad punches the door in frustration, mom would voice grouses over issues that revolved around insufficiency. Financial insufficiency, to be specific. And trust me, it was not a pretty scene to witness. 

However, what they lacked for in finances, they made up for in love, and that, was never lacking. 

Back then, I thought to myself, "If only we did not have to worry about making ends meet, we would be happy".

This is probably why financial peace matters most to me.

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