Sunday, April 27, 2014

They Obey on Command

Fearless as they can be, they take no sides, hold no grudges, have no feelings. They do not sympathise with the weak, neither do they know the word 'retreat'. 

Don't cry for them, for they will never cry for you.

Some say they are cold. But, they are highly trained soldiers, with only one purpose in mind; ONE purpose - and that is to obey on command. 

These soldiers are your hard earned dollars.

Put them against debt, and they will put up their best fight, even if it means their lives. Put them in a land of opportunity, and they will bring back more gold for you. 

Their only weakness is that they obey on command - your command.

So, are you placing them strategically on the battlefield? Or are you wasting them away on things/lifestyles that you think you deserve?

Financial peace is earned, and never given.

"I thought of my dollars like Spartan soldiers trained from birth to die in battle with debt, unconcerned with the likelihood of defeat" - Ken Ilgunas, Walden on Wheels

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