Saturday, April 5, 2014

False Importance

In the train, a man walks in.

Clad in a worn out checked shirt, his hair was disheveled and his mud-covered boots explained a lot about the type of work he does. As he takes a seat, the person next to him (a man clad in a well-fitted shirt and a tie) immediately changes his posture - sending a clear sign of discomfort and disgust. 

The moment there was a vacant seat, the guy in the checked shirt isolates himself to the corner of the train - as if knowing that he was not welcome among white-collar 'professionals'. He also had that famed 'thousand-mile stare'.

It's strange how we glorify the men in suits and deject the manual workers who helped build the advanced infrastructures that we have. 

White-collar rats have a sense of false importance which is the result of a fancy job title and a fancy education. This false importance is also what leads us to think that we should keep up with the joneses by purchasing the latest toys, enjoy the lifestyles of the elite and sip wine by the bay; so we work really hard to fund this sense of false importance and half of our lives slip away...why do you think the term 'mid-life crisis' exists?

But the economy needs people like you, those with a sense of false importance, to keep running on that treadmill.

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