Monday, March 24, 2014

Working for a Finite Period of Time

The stuff written on this blog paints a very dismal picture of corporate rats, their lives, their mindsets and their undying determination to scale the corporate ladder, hoping that a bigger paycheck and authority will make their lives better (read: rat cage).

However, it is nothing short of the truth and I hope you see it with the same level of clarity as I do.

Now, beyond these gloomy clouds, there's a silver lining. As you plan your way out of the rat cage and stick to it, you will no longer be running on an endless treadmill. You are now only working for a finite period of time.

Yes, this means that you are going to build enough 'Freedom Fund' or 'Fuck-you' money within say, 6 (insert realistic figure of choice) years? and that's it! You'll never have to rely solely on a paycheck anymore (do bear in mind this is not an easy process, but it's not rocket science).

The fact that you'll be in the rat cage for a fixed period of time is liberating.

Knowing that you're not a silly rat running on a treadmill till you're 65 is the true definition of wealth.

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