Friday, March 21, 2014

The Lie They Never Told You

The news reeks of productivity.

Every single aspect of our working lives is plagued by this so called 'push for productivity'; doing more with less - as they say.

The smartphones we use today are capable of editing photos, graphs and presentation slides - enabling us to respond to emails one-handedly while we cling on to the handles in the bus with the other hand. In the office, our 'productive' photocopiers are capable of spitting out 70 pages per minute (it was 2 pages per minute, 30 years ago). 

"Yes, we are so much more productive today than we were 50-100 years ago. But, if we are so much more productive now as compared to our grandfather's era, the question is, why do we have lesser time for ourselves today?"
We think that by being more productive, we will be able to free up more time for ourselves. But the more productive we become, everyone expects us to cope with more work, and when we have more work, we strive for even higher productivity and we end up getting even more work - the cycle goes on and on.

Productivity is just another cog in the rat cage system. Think of it as a more efficient treadmill with lubricated parts. This so called 'push for productivity' makes the wheel in the cage turn so smoothly that you have to run faster to cope with it, and the faster you run, the faster the wheel turns, so you keep running until you eventually burn out.

Silly rat!

That's not the worst part. The by-product of this so called 'improved productivity' is excess output. And when there's so much stuff being produced out there in the market, we are forced to consume them at a higher rate, to keep up with the rate of things being produced.

This so called 'productivity' only benefits the masters of the rat cage - the 5% of the population who has figured this out a long time ago.

So, if given a choice, would you still want to be the 95% who are stuck in this rat cage?

Start here.

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