Friday, March 28, 2014

Live Like You're Unemployed

I honestly don't know when the comfort of a constant paycheck will come to an end.

While I'd like to think that I'm good at what I do, there should be no reason to think that one is indispensable. We've seen it before, when the economy goes bust, people go - regardless of their contributions to the rat cage, tenure, skills, expertise and all that overrated qualifications they have on paper.

Being employed gives us white-collar rats a sense of false-security - an inflated sense of confidence that we will be able to afford the monthly payments on a fancy new car or a house. This is also why the fancy cars and houses are the first things to go when a white-collar rat loses his or her job.

You need to know that the confidence you have now in your job is a deadly cocktail of illusion and inflated ego. So, the key to building a freedom fund is to live like you're unemployed.

Would you hit the bars regularly if you were unemployed?  
Would you eat out frequently if you lost your job? 
Do you need the latest smartphone if you won't be receiving a paycheck next month?

If your answers to the questions above are a 'yes', then you're either the son/daughter of a mogul with a guaranteed inheritance (but, you wouldn't be reading this blog now, would you?) or you're simply living in denial...or perhaps, you've achieved financial freedom - which is great!

But for the many white-collar rats out there, live like you're unemployed, make spending decisions like you wont be receiving a paycheck anytime soon.

And watch your freedom fund grow. It's the best feeling a corporate rat can ask for.

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