Monday, March 10, 2014

It's a Disease

Your contract reads:

  "Employees are to report to work daily from 8:30 am - 5:30 pm".

It's 9:00 pm now. You had a quick dinner at the office, in that cubicle, and 15 minutes later, you're back in front of the computer - jabbing away at the keyboard. Shuffling between work and personal SMSes, you finally call it a day at 1:00 am.

In a masochistic way, you actually feel proud of yourself; proud of the fact that you stayed up late...proud of the fact that you don't have any time left for anything else. So, you go around telling people of the sacrifices you made at the office, of how late you stayed back at the office, of how tired you are...

But the next day, there you are again at the office; challenging yourself to work late, to keep up with the other corporate rats, to talk about the long working hours over drinks.

If only you could see your life from a view of an outsider, you will see that you're sacrificing your life for a paycheck, to continue working late. No, I'm not trying to sound condescending to those of you who are really working hard for a cause you believe in. To this minority, you have my sincere respect.

But to the vast majority of corporate rats, think about the question below:

"What if you lived your whole life, only to discover that it was wrong?" - Les Brown

Well, here's my diagnosis to you:

It's a disease.

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