Monday, March 31, 2014

I'm Giving Up

Dim lights, floor-to-ceiling windows, the smell of roasted artisan coffee brewing in the background... an oven-baked Quiche Lorraine is served; still warm and toasty. I'd sit with one leg crossed over the other - proudly displaying my Italian loafers while I savour the 25 dollar dish. Of course, I couldn't also leave the cafe without a hot cup of Macchiato ($6). 
I'd hit the malls next, eagerly visiting each and every store with a discount banner. I couldn't also leave the mall empty handed ($50).

That was always how I viewed the weekends. Just like you, I was always proud to have the finer taste in life.

Some days, after the long hours at the office, I'd head straight to the bars for drinks. It always happen to be 'Happy Hour' at this time, so I'd get a couple of beers ($30) to 'unwind' and talk about current projects with other white-collar 'professionals' as the evening fades to night. I'd probably have a quick dinner ($25) at the bar before calling it a day.

That was how most days in my month unfolded. And I'd wonder where all the money went to...

Let's draw a line here; there's absolutely nothing wrong in rewarding ourselves and enjoying the finer things in life. But, if we're doing that every other day and trying to scale the lifestyle ladder, then be prepared to continue running on that endless corporate treadmill.

If you need first-hand proof, check out the bars around the city centre on weekdays and you'll see that the majority of its customers are white-collar 'professionals'. After all, they're the ones who can easily subscribe to such a lifestyle.

Like all other memberships, subscribing to the typical lifestyle of a white-collar rat comes with a price. Written in fine print, the price of such a lifestyle is most often, one's freedom.

As we fuel our typical white-collar lifestyles with freedom chips, we will always be bound by the chains of a paycheck. Maintaining such a lifestyle is a sure way to keep showing up at work from 9 to 5 till you're 65. (read: 76% of Americans live from paycheck to paycheck - CNN)

It's also a sure way to keep 'working for a dying'.

I've had enough. Ego and pride has to go for a freedom fund to be established.

This is why I'm giving up - the lifestyle of a typical white-collar rat.

And I think you should, too.

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