Friday, February 14, 2014

You Will Never Escape

If you keep coming back to this blog, I'll make an educated guess that you're a corporate rat - just like me.

I'll also make a guess that you are beginning to see what I see: we bought a first class ticket into the corporate rat cage, the very moment we graduated. 

But you will never escape, and here's why:

You are institutionalised. After a few years of running senselessly on the corporate treadmill, you started to accept that "9 to 5 till you're 65 routine" as your life. Most white collar workers allow their job descriptions to sum up their lives. 
"This is all you know. In the office, you're an important man. You're an educated man. Outside, you're nothin! Just a used up corporate rat with arthritis in both hands." - adapted from The Shawshank Redemption
You will never escape, because you choose to climb the brand ladder. Back in the days, you shopped at the highest floor of the shopping mall; buying local brands of clothing and items. A few promotions and pay rises later, you seem to be able to 'afford' the brands on the ground floor; the fancy Italian/French brands - all this with a simple swipe of the card.

You will never escape, because you choose to pay the minimum amount on that credit card debt of yours.

You will never escape, because you believe what others say; "Work smart, not hard. Soon you'll climb the corporate ladder". You believe that a 10-20% pay rise every year is going to make your life better, when instead, you need to buy the latest gadgets/brands/suits to look the keep up with the joneses.

You will never escape, because you think getting another educational qualification is going to get you a better living standard. The cheapest MBA is going to cost you $30,000...for a mere 20% pay bump.

You will never escape, because you do not have a freedom fund. Thus, your life depends on every paycheck that enters your life. You put up with all the crap at work because you do not have a choice.

In short, you will never escape.

You will never escape.


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