Saturday, February 8, 2014

Weekend Reads For Corporate Rats

To inspire movement and change in corporate rats, here are some articles that will help you out of the rat cage:

The Difficult Joy of Not Escaping - by Joshua Becker. This is the root cause of our white collar syndrome - looking for an escape after a bad day, purchasing stuff to 'decompress'.

The HALT Approach to Stop Spending - by Lifehacker. When you're Hungry. Angry. Lonely & Tired, you make bad decisions.

Lessons From The Fall - by The Minimalists. One of the most powerful and heartfelt piece of writing. "Our strained relationship faltered for months after the fall, vacillating between all the sad and angry emotions of a love song, attempting to find the rhythm we’d lost, only to realize that our syncopated love had fallen out of a step and that neither of us could find the beat again."

You Can't Change People, So Be The Change You Wish To See - by Dividend Mantra. Another heartfelt post written by a guy who took control of his life.

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