Wednesday, February 5, 2014

The Way You View Money

I spend way less than what I earn now.

This means I'm being conscious and mindful of the freedom chips (a.k.a money) that flows out of my wallet.

A practice that has also been instrumental in this journey out of the corporate rat cage is asking the golden question every single time I whip out my wallet to make a purchase:
"How does buying this add value to my freedom?" - The Minimalists
As a result, I have become extremely mindful of where my freedom chips are heading, and it all started with the way I view money.

Most of us out there in the corporate rat cage view money as a currency to make us happy - having money means being able to buy the latest gadgets, clothes, handbags and other status symbols. (Statistics prove that the average individual changes their cellphone once every year).

This, is an extremely flawed mindset that has been plaguing us corporate rats.

A better way to look at money is to look at it as freedom chips. If you detest the corporate treadmill as much as I do, then you should look at money as a means towards freedom - from the 9-5 till you're 65 routine.

If you look at money as freedom chips, then you wouldn't want to trade a percentage of freedom for a pair of designer jeans now would you?

Once you start changing the way you view money, you would feel the pain every time you trade freedom for something insignificant.

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