Monday, February 3, 2014

Staying Conscious

It's February and it marks another month of living a more meaningful life - living with lesser distractions.

The past month has been extremely testing, emotional and temptation-ridden. Making lifestyle adjustments can be very difficult, and sticking to it is even more difficult in the long run. Therefore, if you hear voices that persuade you to give in, it's perfectly normal.

Ignore it.

The silver lining is that I'm spot on with my financial targets for the past month, allocating 17% of my income towards the repayment of debt and in one month's time, I'm almost free of debt.

There were temptations - typical white collar symptoms (you deserve to spend because you've worked so hard) and I tried to keep those emotions in check by watching the urge to consume.

I've also realised that merely suppressing the thought of spending can be counter-intuitive (like a pressure cooker with no pressure release valve) and that's why I integrated the 100% personal tax concept into my lifestyle and it's doing wonders.

Another good news is that I've surpassed my monthly savings target (saving a whopping 37% of income) and have built up an emergency fund enough to provide 1.2 months of safety, should shit hit the fan.

I also opened a stock investment account at the end of the month; a step towards financial freedom. This was icing on the cake.

All these were only possible because I stayed conscious. Being fully aware of where my freedom chips were leaking, staying accountable through this blog and constantly reminding myself of the freedom at the end of the tunnel (or rat cage).

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