Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Last 30 Days

Realisation struck, hard. 

Since deciding not to be a paycheck prisoner anymore, my dollar has been stretched immensely. I am now conscious about every dollar that leaves the wallet. Daily expenses have dropped by half as I deliberately choose to eat simpler, avoiding the impulsiveness to spend on fancier meals. 

Weekends are no longer spent at malls, buying stuff that I do not need. Instead, I choose to spend my time at coffee shops, basking in deep thought and consuming knowledge. Knowledge that will eventually buy me freedom.

More recently, I sold one of my cameras and an old computer RAM (proceeds went to my freedom fund). 

As I learn how to be more detached from my physical possessions, I learn what is important and what is excessive. 

The last 30 days were tough, but I learnt what adds value to my life and what keeps me away from freedom.
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