Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Low Income, Fine Taste

We are easily attracted by the allure of fine goods. So much so, that we use brands as a yardstick of a person's status.

Thanks to social media and the prevalence of advertising in our world today, everything we see and touch conveys a subliminal message of 'up-branding' - getting us to constantly climb the brand ladder. The sad truth is that majority of the people who are caught in this miasma of consumerism are those who do not earn enough to support such a lifestyle.

People with low income but fine taste. 

I was one. 

Our pockets may not be able to support such a lifestyle, but our credit cards can fuel our lust for the finer things in life. That's usually how we all get stuck in the debt treadmill - working long hours with the hope of getting a promotion, to pay off an ever growing debt tumour.

A malignant one.

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